Greetings to all my little artists and their families,

First of all, this is uncharted territory for all of us...but let’s give it a try. I’m going to add new online links every week, so you all have plenty of ideas to choose from. Second, think about supplies you might already have around the house...paper, pencils, crayons, cardboard, egg crates, empty soup cans, food coloring, shaving cream, brown bags, newspaper, old magazines, etc. Remember, there is no wrong way to create! Don’t stress, and remember that art is about the process, not the product. Just have fun and go with it! If you would like to send me photos of the kids working, or their finished work, I would LOVE that! You can email me with photos, questions, or ideas to share at lkees@mondovi.k12.wi.us.

Take care, Ms. Kees

Elementary Online Art Resources

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