30 things Buffaloes can do for EMOTIONAL HEALTH

Spring 2020 C:\Users\ferickson\Downloads\Copy of mondovi_logo (1).png From: Ms. Erickson, School Counselor

Practice taking 3 belly breaths every hour.

Make a list of all the emotions and feelings you can think of.

Play Emotions Charades… can your family guess the feelings on your face? 3Write a letter to encourage someone or tell them what you appreciate about them. 4Ask how you can help at home by doing 3 extra helpful chores.
Make a colorful poster or sign about KINDNESS
Make a list of 10 ways kids can show RESPECT to each other at school.
Write a story about a character who has the super- power of COMPASSION
Take a walk and count how many things are red.
Let’s be OPTIMISTIC! Make a list of 30 things you are grateful for or appreciate.10Make cinnamon toast, or some other tasty treat for a family member.
See if you can be second all day… try to let others go first all day long.
Call a family member. Ask them how they are doing.
Be RESPONSIBLEClean up without being asked.
Take some time to stretch and learn a new yoga pose. 15Play Red Light-Green Light to practice self-control.16Write or draw what it means to be a good friend.
Make a card for someone you love.

Think of 5 places that you have visited to make you happy.

Write about your hero. Someone who has great INTEGRITY.
Practice sitting one minute and focus on the sounds you hear.
Practice 5 finger breathing: Trace your fingers slowly, inhale on the way up, exhale on the way down. 22Play a game with someone showing great COOPERATION. 23Make a list of things that help you calm down when you are angry. 24
Make greeting cards with cheerful pictures and positive messages for MONDOVI staff. 25Create a recipe for what makes a good friend (like 1 cup of kindness etc.)

Draw a picture of your future self in your future career. 27Read a book. What feelings did you notice as you read?28Try something new! Even if it may be difficult, show you can PERSEVERE through it!

Practice having SELF- CONFIDENCEList 5 things you love about yourself.


Instructions: For each day off of school, choose one activity that matches your child's grade level. All activities are from the Second Step Curriculum that is an evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum.

DURING OUR SCHOOL CLOSURE - Ms. Erickson is still available to talk to students and families. If you would like to get in touch with me to either talk about something, please email me - ferickson@mondovi.k12.wi.us and we can set something up.


  • Draw a picture of a time when you needed help. Tell a grown-up about who you asked for help.
  • With a piece of paper that says "I feel angry when....", draw about times when you feel angry.
  • Draw a picture of a time you helped someone. Tell a grown-up about how you were helpful.
  • Draw a picture of a time you had a strong feeling. Write the name of your feeling.
  • Draw a picture of what you can do if you feel disappointed at school. Write a sentence about what you can do.
  • Draw a picture of a Fair Way to Play. Write a sentence about your picture.

1st Grade

  • Draw a picture of your head and put arrows pointing to the parts of it you use for listening and following directions.
  • Draw a picture of yourself doing some schoolwork. Write a few words you could say to yourself (self-talk) that would help you stay focused.
  • Draw a picture of one or two feelings. Write sentences or words about your experience with the feelings you chose.
  • Draw a picture of yourself and write a couple of sentences about where you feel feelings in your body.
  • Draw a picture of a time you felt worried. Write 2-3 sentences about what you can do when you are worried.
  • Draw a three-panel picture. The first panel should have a drawing of a problem between two people. The second two panels should have drawings of safe and respectful solutions.

2nd Grade

  • Describe to a grown-up how you can look at another person's face, body, and situation to tell how that person feels.
  • Practice doing something that you are not good at in order to build your confidence.
  • Do something to show another person that you care.
  • Make a poster that has your stop signal on it (Stop, Name Your Feeling, Calm Down).
  • Write a story about calming down when you get angry.
  • Make a comic strip that shows how two characters solve some problem (Say the Problem, Think of Solutions, Explore Consequences, Pick the Best Solution)

3rd Grade

  • Write about a time when your feelings were different than someone else's.
  • Write about a time when you showed someone that you cared.
  • Draw a comic in which you get upset and need to calm down. Show how you would calm down.
  • Make a word collage of positive words you could say to yourself when things don't go as planned (self-talk).
  • Create a three-step plan for studying for a spelling test.
  • Write a story about a problem that two characters are able to solve in a respectful way.

4th Grade

  • Complete a reflective writing about what you do with your voice and body when you are being assertive.
  • Draw a picture about a time when you experienced more than one feeling at the same time. What were those feelings?
  • Write about a time when it was hard for you to control your feelings.
  • Create a poster that shows how you calm down (Stop, Name Your Feeling, Calm Down - Breathing, Counting, Using Positive Self-Talk)
  • Complete the STEP process (Say the Problem, Think of Solutions, Explore Consequences, Pick the Best Solution) with another person for a problem related to wanting to play something different than the other person.
  • Create a rap about staying calm or solving problems.

5th Grade

  • Write about what it means to show empathy for someone.
  • Create a poem about being a good listener.
  • Complete a reflective writing about how people who are different can still be friends.
  • Make a list of some situations that cause you anxiety. Write about some ways you can calm down when you feel anxious.
  • Write about a time when you stayed calm when someone was rude to you. How did you handle it? What did you do?
  • Draw about a time you felt pressured by someone to do something you didn't want to do. Talk with a grown-up about the situation.