Buffalo TV

Please select the broadcast most appropriate for the device and network you are watching on. Here are some general guidelines to go by.
Mobile = Smart phones on cell networks.
Regular Broadband = Tablets and laptops on DSL or cable modem connections.High Bandwidth = TV's or Projectors on high speed DSL, cable modem, or LAN connections.

If you select High Bandwidth on your cell phone you will not notice much of a difference in picture quality and if you are on a cellular network you will use up your data package very quickly. If you choose Mobile on a laptop it will be grainy and difficult to distinguish people in the image especially in fast moving broadcasts like sporting events.

The School District of Mondovi is not responsible for any charges you incur due to data usage on your devices or internet/cell phone service.

To get a notification when Buffalo TV goes live with an event send a text message to 414-455-2594 with the message @buffalot

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