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Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 25 days ago

Mondovi High School will be having an abbreviated Homecoming Parade today at 3:10 PM. The parade route is not the traditional route through town, instead it is limited to a walking parade around the perimeter of the school. The parade is intended for student viewing, however, we will be live streaming the parade on Buffalo TV starting at approximately 3:10 PM. If community members are present for the parade, please know that it is expected that all students, staff, and community members are to be wearing facial coverings and do their best to distance themselves from others. Thank you and GO BUFFS!

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, about 1 month ago

Here's a message from Stanley-Boyd about tonight's football scrimmage. Link to watch the game at home If you're going to the scrimmage...
*No fans before 6:15
*No concessions
*All Mondovi fans park at the school
*All S-B fans park at the stadium
*This will put us both on separate sides
*There are bathrooms on both sides, no crossing to the other side

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, about 1 month ago

Dear Students, Parents and Mondovi Community Members,

Due to some recent events at the Volleyball match at Durand, our spectators and athletes have unfortunately been labeled in a negative way as to their conduct and sportsmanship. It was reported that spectators were not sitting in their family unit or physically distancing in bleachers and facial coverings not being worn or worn incorrectly. At a meeting of the conference schools today, many are reluctant to allow their various teams to compete with Mondovi. Tonight's home VB event vs Durand is in jeopardy of not taking place. This will depend upon the decision made by the Durand school officials.

Whether you support the wearing of facial coverings and physical distancing or not, it must be respected and complied with if we are going to continue to provide our students with opportunities to compete against other schools. We MUST take action immediately to correct this. I fear that even one more evening similar to Tuesday night could drastically impact our students ability to participate in the activities they love.

It is of the utmost importance that our spectators follow the guidelines below:

1. Each athlete and coach will be provided four wristbands that they can decide who gets one for each game. The wristband will be your admittance to the game and only those with a wristband will be allowed in at each game.

2. Those in attendance should wear facial coverings as stated in any state, county, or district mandate, based on if the event is indoors or outdoors. This means it is worn appropriately - covering both the nose and the mouth.

3. We ask that all families sit together with those in their household and physically distance from those in other households.

4. Each participating team will have their own seating section and we ask that you sit in those defined areas.

5. We are asking that all fans arrive as close as possible to the event start time of the athlete who provided them their wristband.

6. Upon completion of your event, we ask that all fans leave the location of the competition, not to congregate, and allow space for those that are watching the next event to enter the facility. The wristbands are not transferable between events.

Because of the swapping of wristbands that took place at the Durand VB game, the 4 or less guests per athlete must arrive at the same time to the event, wearing the wristbands and with a piece of paper that has the athlete's name on it as well as the guests in attendance. We will be collecting the paper at the door to help with contact tracing if it is found, after the fact, that there was one or more positive covid cases at the event.

7. By agreeing to the use of the wristband, the user is agreeing to abide by all state, county, and host district protocols or mandates related to facial coverings and physical distancing. If you are unable to abide by the protocols we ask for you to not attend the event and instead watch the event via live-stream.

There is no student section. Students are to sit with their family and distance themselves from other family groups(#3 above). If you find that you are the only member of your family at the event, you are to distance yourself from others.

Again, due to the events at Durand, there is a real possibility that conference schools may decide to not allow their student athletes to participate in events with Mondovi athletics/activities.

PLEASE talk with your family members and children about this issue. We need to check our feelings and personal thoughts about the issue at the door. If we don't, our students will be the ones that suffer the outcome.

Thank you,

Jeffrey J. Rykal
Mondovi High School Principal
(715)926-3684 ext. 1377

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, about 1 month ago

Please see this link for information regarding attendance at athletic events. #mondovipride

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