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Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 2 days ago

With the first day under our belt, we made a few slight changes to the pick up routine that will help make things safer and more efficient.

If your child is in one of the Bridging classes, please wait outside door #28 (across from the tennis courts) for them to come out and meet them there.

Bridging students riding the bus will load at the playground gate further down the sidewalk.

If your child was in grade 3 or above this past year (enrichment classes), please pick them up outside door #2 (off of the cafeteria).

Enrichment students riding the bus home will load on North Jackson Street outside of door #2 when they are done with lunch.

If your child has signed up for an afternoon sport class, please meet (or drop them off) at door number 7 (under the big buffalo). This week (6/14-6/18) is volleyball, and next week (6/21-6/25) is basketball.

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 3 days ago

Reminder - Meal pick up is at Door 34 between 10-11 am.

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 7 days ago

Summer School Reminders.

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Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 8 days ago

Summer meals can be picked up between 10-11 AM at Door 34 beginning Monday, June 14 through Friday, July 9. (No meals on Monday, July 5) If you have not signed up to receive meals but would like them, please email Robin Becker at #mondovipride

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