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Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, about 14 hours ago

The Homework Club showed their appreciation to the Food Service Department for the meals they receive. #mondovipride

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Mondovi Elementary

Mondovi Elementary , 13 days ago

As we approach the end of our reopening window (9/1 - 10/30), I would like to inform you of a few changes that we are planning for with our in-person learning starting on Monday, Nov. 2.
1. We are planning to maintain our cohort model, but we will be re-implementing the traditional model of specials (art, music, PE) back into the schedule.
2. All students will be dismissed at the same time and we will only offer the 3:30 bus route. If your child currently goes home at 2:30, and their destination will change due to the 3:30 dismissal for all students, please contact the elementary office (715) 926-3645.
3. The after-school homework club will no longer be offered.

If your child is currently receiving their education remotely, please call the office by Friday, October 23. At that time we would like you to let us know if your child will continue with remote learning, or if they will return for in-person learning on November 2nd. The phone number is (715) 926-3645.

We have also been working on a separate plan in the event that we need to transition to 100% remote learning at any time. The district would provide chromebooks to all elementary students, and is prepared to accommodate families with internet connectivity issues. There would be a two day buffer of no school before starting the 100% remote schedule to allow staff and families the opportunity to get everything prepared, dispersed, and collected.

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 14 days ago

Flu shot consent forms need to be turned in to Sue Poeschel, School Nurse, by tomorrow, 10/14/20. - Influenza Clinic Letter - Influenza Consent Form - Influenza Clinic Letter in Spanish - Influenza Consent Form in Spanish

Mondovi Elementary

Mondovi Elementary , 20 days ago

Parents - we have recently had a lot of unsafe and inappropriate behavior by some unsupervised students on the elementary playground during after school hours. We have decided to lock the playground starting at 3:45 each night, and not allow students to use it. We will communicate with you if anything changes in the future.

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