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Sara Heike

Sara Heike, 5 months ago

Middle/High School conferences are Thursday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 10th, 4:30-7:30pm. Conferences are in an open house format. Progress grades can be viewed using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 7 days ago

Please review the protocol that the school will be following for sending students home who present with symptoms of COVID-19. This protocol was developed by the WI Department of Public Instruction and has been reviewed by Dr. Rick Stoughton.
Thank you,
Sue Poeschel, RN BSN

Sue Poeschel, RN BSN
School Nurse
School District of Mondovi
715-926-3645, EXT. 1171

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Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 19 days ago

2020-2021 School District of Mondovi Reopening Timeline

Shelly Teigen

Shelly Teigen, 26 days ago

Incoming Freshman for 2020-2021 if you plan on taking a Fall sport and have not heard from the coach about summer workouts, please contact them via school email.
Football- Loscheider,
Dance- Cassie Kees,
CC- Aaron Hass,
Tennis- Jill Robaidek,
BBB- Wyatt Anderson/Ryan Christainson,
GBB- Kyle Kaufman,
Wrestling- Randy Pongratz,
Track- Paul Bielmeier / Jamie McGuire,
Baseball- Brendan McCabe,
Softball- Mark Wirz,
Golf- Jeff Walk,
Volleyball- Courtney Sebesta, #mondovipride

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