Middle School Resource Time

We have replaced the traditional large group study halls that middle school students would have during various periods of the day with a Middle School Resource (MSR) time, 8th period. The purpose is to break students into smaller homeroom-type classes where a teacher can help them to organize their planners, work on their homework and build organizational skills. The MSR teachers can help with specific assignments and/or group students who can help one another.

Students may get or be given passes from their subject area teachers during the day to come in for extra help during MSR. Passes to a supervised computer lab can also be issued to students who need to complete work electronically. Additionally, we have a “Power-Up Team” of two math and two English/reading teachers who use testing data to identify students in need of special instruction in those areas. The identified students are then scheduled for individual or small group instruction times during MSR period.

We feel it is a major improvement over the old large group study halls as students receive more attention and end the day with an opportunity to be extra productive in a closely supervised study environment.

-Michael Bruning

Mondovi 6-12 Principal