Earning College Credit

There are many different ways for Mondovi High School students to earn college credit while in high school. Students can take advantage of the following dual credit opportunities:

Transcripted Credit Courses:

Students take CVTC courses which are offered at Mondovi High School and taught by high school instructors who have met CVTC licensing requirements and worked with CVTC faculty to match curriculum. Students earn both high school and college credit. Transcripted courses at Mondovi High School include:

Microsoft Office


Infants and Toddlers

Early Childhood Education

Animal Science

Intro to Horticulture

Mechanical Drafting and Design


Architectural and Interior Design

AP (Advanced Placement) Courses:

These courses are college-level courses taught by Mondovi High School teachers at Mondovi High School. AP curriculum is recognized and utilized nationally. Students will have to opportunity to take an exam at the end of each course which determines college credit eligibility. 

CVTC High School Academies: 

Students take one or more college classes in a career pathway and earn both high school and college credit. Courses are reserved for high school students, taught by CVTC faculty at a CVTC host site or a CVTC campus.


Start College Now Courses:

Students can apply to take classes at CVTC that are not offered at their high school to earn high school and college credit. Students can register for a course with other CVTC students if a seat is available at registration.