In an effort to provide high school students with an opportunity to make optimum use of their non-class time the staff has designed a combination incentive and extra help period at the end of the day.During the WIN (What I Need) time nearly every student and teacher shares a common period set up in the following system:

HS WIN Period (What I Need) – At the beginning of the year students earn placement based on 1st 5 week’s grades

  • 1st 5 weeks (until 1st mid-quarter) – All students in regular study halls in classrooms

  • Tier 2 Rules

  • Promote Tier 1 reward with mid-quarter grades

  • Inform students of Tier 3 placement with mid-quarter grades

  • Tier 1 – GPA of “C-“ or above and no failing grades

– Cafeteria

-With quiet room options

Rules/Expectations: Assigned seats – then 5 to a table after attendance, Can use electronic devices (w/ headphones), conversation allowed within your table (reasonable volume), food can be purchased and eaten (areas must be picked up), laptops available (students encouraged to bring their own), must remain in cafeteria unless they have a pass

  • Tier 2 – GPA of < C- average and no failing grades

Rules/Expectations: Highly structured/Restrictive Environment No electronics (calculators provided), No sleeping, must do school work or read a book/magazine (not e-readers), no food, bathroom and locker pass system (to be developed)

Teachers actively engaged with and monitoring students,

Fluidity: Changes made at grading periods (mid-quarter or quarter) based on GPA – “C-“ or better assigned to Tier 1.

  • Tier 3 – Failing grades and/or teacher recommendation (Tier 1 students can be recommended directly into Tier 3 for a week or more)

Rules/Expectations: Same as Tier 2 – working closely with a staff member mentor (individually or in small groups). The mentor helps to ensure that students are completing their schoolwork and receiving the academic support they need.

Fluidity: Minimum 1 week (M-F), can be moved back to Tier 2 for remainder of grading period