The School District of Mondovi offers students and families the personal attention possible in a smaller school district and the academic and extracurricular opportunities of a larger school system. All district staff strives to provide an atmosphere that is friendly, supportive and based on the concept that all children are able to learn and be successful.
The district’s strategic plan is based around the theme, “Excellence: 2020.” Each day our goal is for all students and staff to be engaged in a high-quality, learner-centered educational environment which is continuously monitored for relevancy and effectiveness. We also want to effectively manage all available resources to create a learning and teaching environment viewed as the regional school of choice by students, parents, and staff. We believe that excellence can be achieved through consistent effort and dedication to continuous improvement. Student achievement is our number one priority, and we are very proud to report that the 2013 School Report Card for each of the district’s schools included an “Exceeding Expectations” rating. The School District of Mondovi includes three schools. The Elementary School includes children in pre-school through Grade 5, the Middle School encompasses students in Grades 6 to 8, and the High School includes students in Grades 9-12. During the 2020-2021 school year, total enrollment was 894. The student-to-teacher ratio in pre-kindergarten through Grade 3 is no more than 18:1; the ratio in all other grades is less than 25:1. There are 78 certified staff, 3 administrators, and 46 full- or part-time support staff members.

District facilities include a complex in the city of Mondovi and another building, Anthony Acres Charter School, located about eight miles north of Mondovi on Highway 37. Students in Early Childhood through Grade 12 attend the city school; students in grades 6,7, 9, & 10 attend Anthony Acres Charter School. (Eventually Anthony Acres will house grades 6-12.) The city complex includes an outdoor swimming pool, a distance learning center, a fine arts performance area, weight room, three indoor athletic areas, and an outdoor physical education area which includes newly renovated tennis courts and running track, a football field, baseball and softball fields, and additional practice fields.

Access to technology has been integrated throughout all classrooms. With a connection to a high-speed broadband fiber network completed in 2012, all classrooms have internet access. Laptop computers are available to students in classroom sets and every teacher has a laptop on his/her desk. Document cameras, iPads, and other instructional technology tools have been purchased to enhance student learning, and interactive whiteboard systems (board, document camera, projector, and laptop) have been installed in nearly every classroom throughout the district. As a result, nearly 100 percent of the instructional staff has daily access in his/her classroom to instructional technology equipment which utilizes internet resources. The Business Education and Technology Education departments have up-to-date computer labs, and three additional computer labs are available throughout the building for student use as well. A wireless access system has also been installed throughout the city complex.

Thanks to strong support from the Mondovi community, students in the School District of Mondovi have access to a wide variety of learning experiences. Advanced Placement, Youth Options, online learning, transcripted credits, distance learning programs, and work-based learning are all available to Mondovi High School students, and every student is also encouraged to participate in elective fine arts or career and technical education classes to gain as broad-based an education as possible. Ensuring all Mondovi High School graduates are career and college-ready is a district priority.