The Community Service Fund consists of a number of programs. These include the community swimming program, the Dollywood book program, the community education program, and the middle school athletic program. These programs are open to all members of the community and serve the purpose of connecting the community to the school. The budget for the swimming program is $34,000. This covers a portion of the wages and benefits of the lifeguards that work at the pool. It also covers the cost of a portion of the pool chemicals and heating needed at the swimming pool. The budget for the Dollywood book program is $4,000. This covers the cost of having the books shipped to Mondovi and distributed to the community. The budget for the community education program is $5,000. This covers the cost of the coordinator and any materials and supplies needed to operate the program. The budget for the middle school athletic program is $30,000. This covers the wages and benefits for the middle school coaches, as well as any supplies needed for this program. These programs are funded with a tax levy of $73,000. This fund is not used for any instructional programs but has the primary function of serving the community. Please contact the District Office with any questions on these programs.