Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds offer donors an opportunity to invest in the education of tomorrow's leaders. Scholarship Funds fall into two categories: Endowed Scholarship Funds and Non-Endowed Scholarship Funds.Endowed Scholarship Funds are typically established with a minimum gift of $25,000 to start. Funds may be established during a donor's lifetime, or via bequest. The size of the award will be determined by the funds available. Non-Endowed Spend-Down and Pass-Through Scholarship Funds are accepted on a case-by-case basis within the Community Foundation of Dunn County. The time span set for spend-down of these scholarships is typically 5 years, unless during that time they increase to reach the endowed level.

In 2016, the first Endowed Scholarship Fund was created; The Annabel Bauer BSN Memorial Scholarship. Annabel Bauer was a Colonel in the US Army, a Vietnam Veteran, educator, nurse, and mentor. Her estate had been left to her siblings, but they all agreed to give up their inheritance and follow their hearts by donating it all to charity. They visited the Community Foundation of Dunn County to create a scholarship fund set up to benefit her alma mater, Mondovi High School. In 2017, the first graduating senior received the scholarship to help them achieve their dream of becoming a nurse.

If you are interested in establishing a separate scholarship to benefit Mondovi High School, the School District of Mondovi and the Community Foundation of Dunn County can work closely with you to design a scholarship program to meet your goals while ensuring your contributions are fully tax deductible.