During the summer of 2005, the Mondovi High School Alumni Hall of Fame was organized with many former graduates from across the country donating funds to assist in getting the program started, purchasing awards, and establishing a potential scholarship fund. In the fall of 2006, the first members of the Hall of Fame, Dr. L.H. “Bud” Schultz (Class of 1936) and Robert M. Skare (Class of 1947) were inducted.


  • to honor outstanding alumni,

  • to provide role models in various fields of endeavor for the student body,

  • to allow the student body to meet and hear outstanding alumni who will provide inspiration and pride in Mondovi High School, and

  • to provide a positive activity for the students during Homecoming celebrations.


  • Must have graduated from Mondovi at least 10 years prior to receiving the award. Not available to those who attended by did not graduate.

  • Must be outstanding in their chosen field of work or community service and must have received some type fo recognition.

  • Must be of good character and servce as a role model for the student body.

  • Must be available to participate in a full day's activities at the school and an eveneing Homecoming game. The day will be selected by the school to coincide with the scheduled Homecoming activities.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Inductees