With the District Vision Statement in mind, the following District Strategic Plan and Building-Level goals have been set for the 2017-2018 school year:


Theme 1: Community Communication & Engagement

  • Establish at least one new partnership with local business, educational institution, and/or individual (career skill development, service).

  • Develop a public relations plan that informs and engages the community.

  • Create a plan that maximizes community access to, and usage of, district facilities.

Theme 2: Curriculum & Instruction

  • Coordinate RtI structures with comprehensive student learning assessment system (STAR, State tests, etc).

  • Establish a comprehensive plan, with emphasis on a standards-based approach in Mathematics and English/Language Arts, for curriculum writing, adoption, review, revision, and implementation (publish learning targets).

  • Identify, implement, and monitor research-based best practice instructional strategies.

Theme 3: Facilities & Operations

  • Develop and systematically review a building safety plan (lighting, emergency response procedures, etc.).

  • Create a plan to maintain and upgrade the Mondovi School District facilities.

Theme 4: Personnel Development & Engagement

  • Explore compensation models.

  • Develop a plan to attract and retain staff members (including non-monetary benefits).

  • Establish a faculty professional development team.

  • Provide training and development opportunities to keep staff skilled and competent in conjunction with the current Educator Effectiveness model.

Theme 5: Technology

  • Establish and implement a plan for the continued rotation and upgrades of district infrastructure and devices.

  • Provide staff development opportunities for staff to understand and expand their knowledge of classroom applications that increase student achievement.