School Funding Crisis:  Advocate for your schools!

Rural schools across the state will be faced with funding shortages over the next two school years.  Mondovi is no different.  The State Legislature is currently in the process of building the budget for the next two years for the State of WI.  Please advocate for your local school.  Use the letter linked below to send your local WI State Senators and State Representatives.  Below is the contact information for our local WI State Legislators.  If it's easiest, copy and paste the letter and send it via email.  Be sure to address it to the correct person.  Our legislators need to hear from you now so they can advocate for our schools in Madison.   

Dear Legislator Letter

Additional details about the school funding crisis and history of school funding can be found in the article linked below.

School Funding Crisis Article

WI State Legislator Contact Information:

State Senator: 

District 31:  Jeff Smith

Phone: (608)266-8546 or (877)763-6636


State Assembly Representatives:

District 92:  Treig Pronschinske 

Phone: (608)237-9192 or  (888)534-0092


District 93: Warren Petryk

Phone:  (608)237-9193 or (888)534-0093


Find your State Legislators(Map Link):